Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens Move No Closer to Hall of Fame

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The Baseball Writers Association of America revealed the 2018 inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday, and two of the greatest players of all time were not on the list. Again.

Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome, and Trevor Hoffman all got the call.  Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, both of whom enjoyed statistically improbable late-career renaissances, did not. And what’s interesting is that, unlike the previous two years, this year Bonds and Clemens barely made any progress.

From 2013 through 2015 Bonds and Clemens both hovered around 36%. However, by last year both had jumped up almost 20%.

        YEAR        BONDS       CLEMENS
2013          36.2%          37.6%
2014          34.7%          35.4%
2015          36.8%          37.5%
2016          44.3%          45.2%
2017          53.8%          54.1%

Given those dramatic increases, it looked like Hall of Fame voters were starting to think differently about baseball’s PED era. Surely Bonds and Clemens were hoping the trend would continue in 2018. But it did not. This year Bonds got the nod from just 56.4% of the voters, while Clemens got 57.3%.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the voting. Players need 75% of the votes to get in, and 5% of the votes to remain on the ballot another year.


Of course, it could be worse for Bonds and Clemens. Manny Ramirez received just 22%, while Sammy Sosa got just 7.8%. That Bonds and Clemens are still getting over 50% suggests voters are giving them credit for the first halves of their careers, which were Hall of Fame worthy and presumably clean.

What does all this mean going forward? Who knows. But both Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have four years of eligibility remaining. So this could get interesting.

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