Soccer Player Punished After Trying To Drill a Reporter With a Ball on Live TV (VIDEO)


You know how people at a driving range always target the tractor that picks up the balls? Well, that phenomenon isn’t unique to just golf, apparently. Colombian soccer player Carlos Darwin has been punished for intentionally trying to nail a sideline reporter with a ball during a live broadcast from a team practice.

To be fair, he’s probably only getting in trouble because the clip went viral (because it was such an awesome shot). If you haven’t seen the long-range sniping abilities presented in this video, you’ll want to.

As for the punishment due Darwin, well, it doesn’t sound like it’s really much of anything. Anyone know what an “internal sanction” really means?

Here’s the team’s public statement.

“Club America informs that the player Darwin Quintero will be sanctioned internally after the unfortunate action he carried out during yesterday’s training, which doesn’t represent the values of this institution. The club laments what happened and offers an apology to the reporter Marcelino Fernandez of ESPN and his crew, as well as anyone who may have been offended by what happened.”

Just apologize to the reporter and save the stellar kicks for the pitch, not the sideline.

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