Police Report Leaked of Vince McMahon Showing His Nudes And Trying to Force Himself on Woman in Tanning Salon


Just days after announcing his relaunch of the XFL, Vince McMahon finds himself under a microscope after someone did some digging and found out about some dirty deeds he did in the past.

Back in 2006, the WWE CEO and chairman was accused of attacking and trying to rape a woman at a salon. The attack happened after she told him to stop showing her nude photos of himself.

The Daily Beast has the details:

“The woman, who worked at a tanning salon a few doors down, was in tears. A man had just tried to “attack and rape her” at the salon, she told an employee of the pizza joint.

That man was later identified as Vince McMahon, chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment. The Boca Raton police believed they had enough evidence to file an arrest warrant against McMahon for misdemeanor simple battery after the tanning salon employee accused him of groping her and trying to kiss her, according to a police report reviewed by The Daily Beast.

Before he got on the bed, McMahon asked the woman to take a photo of him with his phone so he could send it to his girlfriend in New York, she told police. When she handed the phone back to him, he began showing her nude and semi-nude photos of himself that were on it, she said. She then asked him to stop and said it was inappropriate behavior, according to the documents.

She then went to clean a tanning bed, but McMahon followed her into the room and shut the door behind him, she told police. There were no surveillance cameras in the tanning rooms at Tanzabar, which is now permanently closed.

Then, according to the documents: McMahon grabbed her and tried to kiss her. She said she put both of her hands on his chest and tried to push him away. McMahon continued to grab her, touching her waist and butt and attempting to lift up her button-down shirt while rubbing her breasts with the back side of his arms, she told police.

She said he managed to work her shirt up a few inches above her waist, but she pushed him off and got out of the tanning room. McMahon, she told police, then said “that he was only trying to have some fun.”

Unfortunately for McMahon, we are in a time where the #metoo movement has swept the country and taken down some of the biggest names in different industries after they’ve been accused of sexual misconduct.

Here’s the full police report:

Vince-McMahon-Assault-1 Vince-McMahon-Assault-2 Vince-McMahon-Assault-3

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