Angry Fans To Guy Who Yelled During Tiger Woods’ Shot: “Get The F*ck Out of Here’ (VIDEO)


Tiger Woods is a living legend and he brings the crowds out, no matter how good or bad he’s playing. When Tiger is up, there needs to be silence, which also applies to every other golfer. But if it isn’t given to Tiger, heads will roll.

Sunday at the Farmers Insurance Open, a Tiger Woods fan in the crowd got a bit too excited too soon and yelled, “Get in the hole,” during his backstroke. The result was Tiger missing what would’ve been his first birdie of the day.

Tiger was clearly upset and so were the fans, who called for the culprit to be kicked out. That wasn’t all they said to him, either. Someone found the guy who did it and he got an earful from a few other spectators. 

“He’s right there!” another spectator called out, pointing to identify a dark-haired man in sunglasses and a visor. “Yeah, there he is,” cried someone else. “Get that moron out here!” “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry,” the man in the visor yelped. This time, his words fell on deaf ears. “You’re an idiot. Go home!”



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