Female MMA Fighter Gets Ultimate Revenge, Fights Internet Troll In Person (VIDEO)


If you’ve been on the Internet, chances are someone’s gotten under your skin enough that you’d like to meet that troll in person and do…whatever to them. Well, it happened to Tara LaRosa, who found a man, Kristopher Zylinski, who insisted he could beat her up.

LaRosa didn’t think that was the case.

On Facebook, Zylinski wrote:

“99% of woman are too weak and lack the reflexes to do enough damage to stop 99% of men. Even if they knew bjj [Brazilian jiu-jitsu] they just don’t have the size of strength to use the holds. Its dangerous to teach any woman to try and strike or fight a man. Just my 2 cents. [sic]”

He later stated:

“I’m not hitting a woman with a closed fist unless she is attacking me. If you want to set up an MMA fight between me and a girl with signed contracts, sure, I’m down. I want money when I win though and you must apologise.”

The folks at McDojoLife were quick to set things in motion, stating, “We are willing to pay out $1,000 to any pro female 160-pound fighter willing to come and spar with this man. We will also provide plane ticket and hotel.”

Well, the pieces fell in place, and this is what happens when you troll a female MMA fighter:

Spoiler: He didn’t win.

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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