Watch This German Hockey Player Nearly Get Run Over by the Zamboni (VIDEO)

german hockey player almost run over by zamboni driver

In Germany, apparently, die Eismaschinen break for no one. Just ask Stefan Loibl of the Straubing Tigers.

Loibl was giving an interview with TelekomSport during the second intermission of a game against the Cologne Sharks on Tuesday when der eismaschine, or as we say in English, the Zamboni, came plowing in out of nowhere. Luckily Liobl has cat-like reflexes, so he was able to remove his headset and get out of the way in time. But the two members of the TV crew were less fortunate. Both of them got knocked off their feet and sent sliding.

Of course, Germans are famous for their punctuality, diligence, and efficiency when it comes to work. So maybe the Zamboni driver was just pissed that the TV crew was getting in the way of him doing his job.

Or maybe he’d been hitting up the concession stand for some Krombachers during the second period.

Either way, it made for a pretty memorable scene. The best part is the reaction of the guy doing the interview. I have no idea what he’s saying, but he sounds completely unfazed when his colleagues are nearly killed on live television.

Take a look:

That’s good content.

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