F1 Grid Girls Speak Out Against “PC Gone Mad” After Losing Their Jobs (TWEETS)

F1 Grid Girls Respond to Axing

This week Formula 1 announced that Grid Girls—the models who promote the racing league’s brand sponsors at events—will no longer be part of the sport starting in 2018.

“While the practice of employing grid girls has been a staple of Formula 1 Grands Prix for decades, we feel this custom does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms,” explained managing director of commercial operations Sean Bratches in the official statement. “We don’t believe the practice is appropriate or relevant to Formula 1 and its fans, old and new, across the world.”

A lot of people applauded the decision, saying it’s about time F1 stopped using sex appeal to promote its product. However, a lot of people were disappointed to see political correctness claim another victim.

Chief among the latter category, it seems, are the Grid Girls themselves. Many of them have spoken out about the issue on social media in the wake of the announcement, and it’s definitely worth hearing what they have to say.

Rebecca Cooper, for example, questioned the notion that Grid Girls were exploited for their sexuality and wondered why women can’t decide for themselves what to wear.

Another Grid Girl, Michelle Westby, took aim at online trolls who accuse the models of being mindless ditzes with no interest in or knowledge of auto racing.

In a lengthy post of Facebook, Westby talks about how she turned her stint as a Grid Girl into a career as a stunt driver and competitive drift driver:

“I wasn’t going to get involved in this whole ban of grid girls debate as I felt all the girls were handling it great but recently seen some comments which really have got my blood boiling like ‘ they have no purpose, intelligence, or even knowledge of cars / racing ‘ and ‘ about time they got a proper job’ First of all the majority of the girls working on the grid have a very strong interest in racing and like myself got involved in pit duties where possible and even used my time at race events to learn and better my knowledge of cars and racing ! Also most girls do this work as extra money when again like myself already had a very good full time job and or at uni studying . Most these girls are far form just a pretty face ! People have forgot the saying don’t judge a book by its cover . The most important point I’d like to get scross is in fact that if it wasn’t for grid work / promotional modeling I wouldn’t be where I am now in a ‘males dominated ‘ sport / job as a Stunt Driver / Drift Competition Driver inspiring and influencing females into this ‘ intimidating male environment ‘ I get girls message me all the time saying how I inspire them and made them want to try get into racing / drifting when they didn’t want to before thinking girls wouldn’t be accepted as much.”

Food for thought.

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