Father of 3 Victims of Larry Nassar Tries To Attack Him In Court (VIDEO)

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Larry Nassar has hurt a lot of people and it extends further than just the multiple young girls he took advantage of over the years. The families of those victims are hurt as well, as they cope with the fact they sent their child to a monster for years and had no clue they were being sexually abused.

That fact wasn’t lost on Randall Margraves, whose three daughters have accused Larry Nassar of sexually abusing them. Randall went into court today and tried to attack the former United States and Michigan State physician after asking for the judge’s permission to do so.

Margraves reportedly asked the judge if he could have five minutes alone with Nassar in a locked room. When she declined, he attacked.

“Give me one minute with that bastard,” Margraves said following the incident, per Mencarini and Beth LeBlanc.

Hopefully the father is freed with no charges. Not a jury in the world would convict him of anything.

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