Leaping Kangaroo Knocks Out Unsuspecting Cyclist (VIDEO)

Kangaroo Cyclist

A lot can go wrong on a bike, which I guess is why you would wear a helmet. But of all the hazards that screaming down a backcountry road riddled with cars and other bikes presents, sometimes it’s the least expected things that can really get ya.

Like, say, I don’t know, a pouncing kangaroo that actually seems to materialize out of thin air?

Yup. That will put a damper on your ride.

Let’s all take a minute and thank our lucky stars that a trailing rider had on his or her dashcam (handlebar cam?) to capture this truly extraordinary event.

Naturally, this took place in Australia, so the video will do little to dispel the myth that anywhere you are Down Under, a kangaroo, dingo, or wallaby will pop up out of nowhere and just trash you for no reason.

Oh, and as a bonus, because nothing will ever be safe from the meme treatment again, we got a nice little mashup of the moment of impact and the big drop in Drowning Pool’s “Bodies.” You’re worth it, so check it out!

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