Pro Hockey Team Fires Player After He Punched a Fan in the Stands (VIDEO)

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I don’t know much about England’s Elite Hockey League, but after this weekend, the organization is short a player after Matt Nickerson was essentially fired by his club for punching a fan following an ejection for fighting.

Nickerson entered the ice to take part in a brawl and was quickly ejected, but while walking to the dressing room, he engaged with a fan and threw a nasty punch.

The video of the incident is pretty indisputable:

The punishment from the league was a hefty 20-game suspension, but the call to pull Nickerson’s contract was made by his own team, the Milton Keynes Lightning.

Here’s the statement from the club regarding their decision (via FTW):

Following an incident in Guildford on Sunday and the subsequent DOPS report, The Smith Recycling Milton Keynes Lightning and Matt Nickerson have parted company with immediate effect.

Ice Hockey is a family sport and it is unacceptable that at any time supporters are threatened or made to feel unsafe.

As a club we do not condone what happened and Matt has been held accountable for his actions by both the Elite League Department of Player Safety and by the club.


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