Tom Brady Didn’t Shake Hands with Nick Foles, and He Got Roasted For It On Social Media (TWEETS)

Tom Brady Doesn't Congratulate Nick Foles

Tom Brady has won five Super Bowls, more than any other quarterback in NFL history. However, he still couldn’t find it in him to be gracious in defeat after losing to the Eagles on Sunday.

After the game, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick made a beeline for midfield so he could congratulate head coach Doug Pederson. Brady, however, made a beeline for the locker room so he could go and stew about being denied a sixth ring.

Take a look:

Here’s an interesting anecdote from ESPN’s Ian O’Connor about Tom Brady’s mentality after the game:

“He was staggering down a hallway wearing his game pants and a light hoodie, his sweat-soaked hair mussed and his eye black smudged. Brady passed Matt Patricia, the outgoing defensive coordinator and Detroit Lions head coach-to-be, and Patricia reached out and grabbed Brady’s arm on the way by. Brady looked down at the bearded figure in red and didn’t say a word. He cut through a curtain, took his seat for a news conference and tried to explain how a man could throw for a playoff-record 505 yards at age 40 and still feel miserable about it.

“‘Losing sucks,’ Brady said into his microphone.”

A lot of people will tell you that it’s precisely this “fiery competitiveness” that has made Brady what he is. They will tell you that, if Brady weren’t a sore loser, he wouldn’t win so much. And these people may be right.

But nobody gave Cam Newton a break when he didn’t shake Peyton Manning‘s hand after Super Bowl L. They called him classless, childish, a bad sport.

Luckily, Twitter is holding Brady, a.k.a. Mr. Perfect, accountable on this one.

Take a look:






I’ve been known to defend Tom Brady from time to time and point out that he’s not such a bad guy. But I’m not defending this. Losing sucks, but if Bill Belichick can suck it up and be a good sport, so can Tom Brady.

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