Here’s Jeff Fisher Releasing Nick Foles In 2016, Telling Him He Hopes He ‘Lands On His Feet’ (VIDEO)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

If there was ever a time to prove how bad of a head coach Jeff Fisher is, it was this past season. Minnesota Vikings QB Case Keenum looked like garbage under Fisher with the Rams, but he made it all the way to the NFC Championship game. Jared Goff looked like a bust under Jeff Fisher, but Fisher gets fired and one season later Goff is leading the franchise to their first playoff appearance in forever.

The most notable one has to be Nick Foles, who also looked terrible under Jeff Fisher. Foles stepped in after Carson Wentz went down and led the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl for the 3rd time in franchise history, winning them a Lombardi trophy for the first time ever.

Back in 2016, then-head coach Jeff Fisher called Rams QB Nick Foles and informed him he was releasing him from the team. He told Foles during the call that he hoped he ‘landed on his feet.’

As you saw last weekend, Foles was, in fact, able to land on his feet.

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