Petition To Stop Cris Collinsworth From Calling Eagles Games Has 100k Signatures


During Super Bowl Sunday, much to the dismay of viewers watching the biggest game of the year, Chris Collinsworth was seated alongside Al Michaels to call the Eagles-Patriots showdown.  If paid any attention to the way Collinsworth called the game, he sort of made it seem like he had money riding on the Pats.

Collinsworth seemingly wanted the Patriots to win the game, and his tone gave it away during several crucial calls in the contest, including Zach Ertz’s controversial TD, which seemed to upset him because it wasn’t reversed like he thought it would be.

For that reason, Eagles fan want the longtime broadcaster to never call their games again. They even took to to make sure it doesn’t happen.

The petition reads as follows:

“Cris Collinsworth is the most biased and horrible commentator ever. Being a Philadelphia Eagles fan and having to listen to him constantly talk about the Patriots and hardly ever the Eagles during the game made it almost unbearable. As a professional he has a duty to if not be unbiased at least try to make the game enjoyable for all viewers. His constant fawning over Tom Brady and the Patriots the entire game was disgusting, making it sound like he was a local Boston radio personality and not a commentator for a nationally syndicated football game. His performance brought back recent memories of the horrible job Pete Morelli and his officiating crew did against the Panthers earlier in the year. Please NBC discipline him or at the very least keep him to only commentating on Patroit games who he so very much loves.”

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