Eagles Fan Billed For U.S. Bank Stadium Seat Stolen After Super Bowl (VIDEO)


A few days after the Super Bowl, a video emerged online showing an Eagles fan walking out of U.S. Bank Stadium with a stolen seat—clearly to help him remember he was there when Philadelphia hoisted their first Lombardi trophy in franchise history.

It turns out he was just one of many Eagles fans who stole a seat that day, but he was the only one caught on video doing it and authorities eventually caught up to him. Luckily for him, he won’t have to do any jail time, but he will be paying for the replacement.

Stadium manager SMG says it plans no further action against the Eagles fan.

“Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority spokeswoman Jennifer Hathaway said the fan regrets his actions. The stadium keeps extra seats, so the estimated cost to replace it, including labor, is $125.

Hathaway said stadium officials don’t believe that removal of stadium seats is a widespread problem or that the man used any sort of tool.

“The fan was exuberant and excited and he pulled the chair out,” she said. “This is someone forcibly removing an item that isn’t supposed to be removed.”

(Sports Illustrated)

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