Malcolm Jenkins on Skipping Visit To Trump White House: ‘Not Interested In Photo Ops’ (VIDEO)

Malcolm Jenkins

Several players from the Super Bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles have already stated their decision when it comes to visiting the White House, and most have declined.

Malcolm Jenkins is one of those players who has already stated he was not going to visit Donald Trump at the White House. The Philadelphia Eagles safety recently doubled down on his decision, saying that he has no interest in being part of a photo op.

“At this point in time, I’m not interested in photo ops,” Jenkins said on CNN. “I’m very interested in doing the work on criminal justice reform. I’m very interested in meeting with members of both parties – doesn’t matter to me.”

“This is just not one of those opportunities,” he continued. “This is a celebratory event, where we come, the president comes in, shakes a couple hands, takes a picture and leaves. And I’m just not interested in that.”

CNN’s Van Jones went on to ask Jenkins how he deals with the many people who have given him backlash for his decision. He stated that people were entitled to their opinions, but that he simply did not want to be a part of such an event.

“When it comes to this presidency, I’m just – I’m not very excited about getting my picture taken with him,” he said.

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