Ravens Fans Send Marlon Humphrey Cell Phone Chargers After He Was Accused of Stealing One

Baltimore Ravens v Oakland Raiders

Back in January, Marlon Humphrey was arrested for third degree robbery after allegedly stealing a cell-phone charger from an Uber driver in Alabama. Yes, you read that right.

The driver of the vehicle accused the Baltimore Ravens cornerback of borrowing the charger and then refusing to return it back to him. On his way out of the vehicle, Humphrey also allegedly stole several other cables and delivered an elbow to the driver.

Weeks after the arrest, Ravens fans began sending him fan mail, and it mostly included cell phone chargers.

The team’s first-round pick in 2017 clearly has a sense of humor about the incident, although he still denies the allegations.

Humphrey’s attorney, Paul Patterson, disputed the driver’s allegations in the incident report and said, “Marlon has 11 million reasons not to steal a … phone charger.”

(Baltimore Sun)


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