Robert Parish Says Paul Pierce Was A Better Offensive Player Than Larry Bird

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The Boston Celtics’ storied franchise has a bunch of legends. Robert Parish is easily one of them.

Parish played 14 glorious seasons for the Celtics from 1980-1994, averaging 16.5 points and 10 rebounds, while bringing the city three championships. He spent 12 of those years playing alongside Larry Bird.

One day before the franchise was set to celebrate the legacy of Paul Pierce, there was a celebration dinner where Parish actually stated that Pierce will go down as the best scorer the Celtics have ever seen. Even better than Larry Bird.

“I just feel like Paul was more creative. He was the better scorer than say Larry or John Havlicek,” Parish said Saturday, according to USA TODAY Sports’ Jared Weiss. “I think Havlicek and Larry and Paul were probably the best offensive players that the Celtics ever had.

“I think Paul tops that list, in my opinion.”

While Bird averaged more points during his Celtics career than Pierce—24.3 points to Pierce’s 21.8—Pierce surpassed Bird on the Celtics’ all-time points leaderboard. John Havlicek ranks first with 26,395 points.

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