Kareem Hunt Accused of ‘Pushing & Shoving’ Woman During Dispute In Cleveland

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs

Since the Ray Rice incident, the NFL has basically taken a zero tolerance policy with regards of players putting their hands on women.

Kareem Hunt might be the next to feel the wrath if the following allegations turn out to be true.

The Kansas City Chiefs running back has been accused of shoving a woman during an altercation in Cleveland early Saturday morning.

Via The Cleveland Plain Dealer:

“No charges were filed against Hunt as of 3 p.m. Monday. A spokesperson for the Kansas City Chiefs did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Abigail Ottinger, 19, of Middleburg Heights, told police that Hunt assaulted her around 3:45 a.m. Saturday outside Hunt’s hotel apartment, but another woman who was with Hunt’s friends said that Ottinger assaulted her, police reports say…

Ottinger and her friend were with Hunt, his friend, and others who spent the night on a party bus traveling between Cleveland bars, according to police reports. The women, who said they were Kent State University students, went back to Hunt’s apartment with the group after their night out.

Hunt’s friend told police they kicked the women out of the apartment when they learned both were 19 years old, but Ottinger said that they were kicked out because she “didn’t want” one of the men in the group, the report says.

Hunt’s friend said that Ottinger called him and Hunt racial slurs when they were told that they needed to leave, the report says.

The two women then waited in the hallway as they tried to arrange a ride back to Kent State, the report says. Hunt’s friend said he gave them $20 for a ride, and that Hunt went to bed, the report says.

Ottinger’s friend said she tried to tell Ottinger that they should leave, but Ottinger “really wanted to stay” and became “very dramatic” and “very upbeat” once they were kicked out, the report says.

Hunt’s friend said the women stayed out in the hallway for about 30 minutes as Ottinger continued to yell and pound on the apartment door, the report says.

Another woman who was with Hunt’s group of friends told police that Ottinger hit her in the face when she went into the hallway in an attempt to get the pair to leave, the report says.

Ottinger, however, said that Hunt came out of the apartment and “shoved and pushed her,” causing abrasions on her knee and hand, and a scratch to her chest, the report says.

Ottinger’s friend told police that “all the boys” began “chasing” Ottinger, the report says.

The friend said she pulled out her phone to record the chase, but Hunt’s friend took her phone, so she “went after him,” the report says. The woman said someone grabbed her and she fell to the floor, but that she didn’t know who grabbed her, the report says. Hunt’s friend said he took the Ottinger’s phone and threw it away from her, but didn’t know how her friend’s phone became damaged, the report says.”

If this case is anything like Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott’s, Hunt might end up being suspended for up to four games by the league office.

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