Olympic Skater Adam Rippon Jokes About Mixing Booze and Pills to Manage His Pre-Routine Nerves (VIDEO)

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Sure, lots of kids are looking up to Olympic athletes, but that fact alone doesn’t make them superheroes. In fact, if anything, it gives them more pressure to contend with. Adam Rippon, who went out recently for the men’s team free skate, joked to Mike Tirico that he had a pretty good plan for overcoming those nerves in the future.

It might not improve his skating, but it would certainly chill him out.

Here he is talking about the hilariously potent cocktail with Mike Tirico.

To be clear, whatever Rippon did in this video it was NOT a “rant.” If anything, he was just sharing a lifehack for everyone else out there.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? No problem, just mix pills and booze, and you too can be an Olympian!

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