Police Thought Eagles RB Corey Clement Was a Barricade-Jumping Eagles Fan at Parade (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 9.10.10 AM

Eagles rookie running back Corey Clement no doubt just wanted to celebrate with his team during Philly’s first ever Super Bowl parade, but it seemed the cops were hell-bent on not letting this happen.

Not because they’re jerks, but because they thought Clement was a trespassing fan as they tried to snatch him up. Fortunately, they were set straight quickly and Clement got to join his teammates and rage on for the rest of the parade.

It was an honest mistake, but the cops should have known the player, especially after he compiled over 100 yards and a TD in the Super Bowl. I’m sure they won’t forget his face after living down this embarrassing snafu.

Let the man party, coppers. He’s earned it.



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