Tedy Bruschi Ripped The Hell Out of Lane Johnson For Disrespecting The Patriots Organization (VIDEO)

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It’s bad enough that the New England Patriots could do absolutely nothing to stop the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive attack in Super Bowl LII, losing 41-33. But now they have to deal with Lane Johnson taking shots at the organization for no apparent reason.

During an interview on ‘Pardon My Take,’ the Eagles offensive lineman made it clear that he loved winning the Super Bowl with the Eagles because they have a bunch of fun, while the Patriots basically run a fear-based organization where players aren’t allowed to express themselves.

“I just think that the Patriot Way is a fear-based organization,” Johnson said. “Obviously, do they win? Hell yes, they win. They’ve won for a long time. Do I think people enjoy [it] and can say, ‘I had a lot of fun playing there?’ No, I don’t. That’s just the God’s honest truth.

They’re successful, but when they go to interviews, they act like [expletive] robots. Hey, stop being a [expletive]. We can be cordial for a little bit. You only get to do this job one time, so let’s have fun while we’re doing it. Not to be reckless, but I’d much rather have fun and win a Super Bowl than be miserable and win five Super Bowls. But hey, it is what it is.”

Those comments rubbed Tedy Bruschi the wrong way and he wasn’t going to sit around quietly as Lane trash-talked his former team. The former linebacker sounded off on Johnson during Monday’s edition of ‘First Take,’ and he did not mince words.

“Lane Johnson, I don’t know what he’s talking about,” he said. “I had a lot of fun. There were so many times that we would speak out in meetings. The entire team meeting would erupt in laughter. We were playing music on the team plane. We had so much fun in the ones that I was there. I cannot understand what he’s saying there.”

“This is the first time you’ve won one, and this is a sign when people just don’t know how to regularly win football games. You talk about the other team and talk about who you beat, bringing up other things,” continued Bruschi. “Let me teach you how to celebrate a world championship. Because when you win back-to-back championships, from a guy who failed trying to do it and that succeeded trying to do it, you need more than planned celebrations, dog masks and trick plays. He will learn that when they try to repeat. He’s bringing up the New England Patriots in a time you shouldn’t be.”

He was then informed by Max Kellerman of the many players stating how much they like playing for coaches like Doug Pederson over hard-nosed coaches like Bill Belichick.

“If you want a relationship and a double-date with your coach, go play with those guys,” he said. “Go ahead. If you want to learn how to win games and consistently win games throughout your career, you play for Bill Belichick.”

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