Former Bears QB Jim McMahon Thinks Mike Ditka Bet On His Team’s Super Bowl (AUDIO)

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Way back in 1985, noted curmudgeon and Bears coach Mike Ditka became a minor celebrity by taking his team to the Super Bowl. That same year, it was also believed that Ditka carried a grudge into the big game after his team was given massive underdog status in the NFC championship game.

According to a recent interview with then-QB Jim McMahon, Ditka was looking for a way to get revenge on the bookmakers who wouldn’t give his team credit.

The line for a prop bet that lineman William “The Fridge” Perry would score a TD at Super Bowl XX opened at 50-1, then moved to 75-1, then corrected down to 5-1. It is well-documented that Ditka opted to have Perry run a touchdown in from the Patriots’ one-yard line during the  big game, rather than give the ball to Walter Payton for his first ever Super Bowl TD—something Ditka says he still regrets.

McMahon believes the decision was all part of Ditka’s revenge ploy:

McMahon said, “I think he made a bet. I’m not positive but I know he likes to gamble. Everybody likes to gamble every once in a while. I’m sure he probably put some money down.”

That’s pretty awesome if Ditka put down a random, high-yield prop bet. If the Fridge hadn’t scored the first time, would he have just kept trying? Now THAT would be funny.

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