Hockey Federation Tried To Force Team Canada Player To Wear Unwanted Silver Medal (VIDEO)

Ice Hockey - Winter Olympics Day 13

For the last four Winter Olympics, Canada’s women’s hockey team has come out victorious and brought home the Gold Medal each time. On Thursday, they were looking to extend that streak against the United States, a team they had faced (and beaten) for the Gold Medal in the previous two Winter Olympics.

That streak would come to an end thanks to a shootout, however, as the U.S. came out on top.

During the medal presentation, there were no smiles to be had as Silver Medals were handed out to Team Canada. Canadian defenseman Jocelyn Larocque made her feelings well known when she immediately removed her medal upon it being placed around her neck.

It turns out an official from hockey’s governing body wasn’t happy to see Larocque not wearing her medal. As she fought through tears while speaking to reporters following the game, an IIHF official pulled her aside to remind the 29-year-old of the “legal” reasons why she must wear her medal.

Larocque agreed with the official’s reasoning, but no one knows for sure if she actually put on the medal again.

(The Globe & Mail)

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