Ecuadorian Soccer Player Uses Corner Flag as a Weapon to Fend Off Attackers During Brawl (VIDEO)

Ecuadorian Soccer Player Uses Corner Flag as Weapon to Defend Himself Against Opposing Players During South American Soccer Brawl

Brawls are pretty common in South American soccer. What’s not so common is a player using the corner flag as a weapon. And yet that’s exactly what happened during the brawl that broke out at the U-20 Copa Libertadores semifinal between Ecuador’s Independiente del Valle and Argentina’s River Plate on Wednesday.

During the brawl, which started for who knows what reason, Independiente defender Angelo Preciado was being chased by a pack of River Plate players and eventually found himself cornered. However, rather than curl up into a ball and submit to a beating, Preciado got creative. He pulled the corner flag out of the turf, turned the pointy end toward his would-be attackers, and kept them all at bay until he could escape to the safety of his own pack.

Check it out:

You can’t blame Preciado for taking up arms against his attackers. While European soccer players tend to fight like toddlers, South American brawls can turn pretty savage.

Hopefully CONMEBOL takes that into consideration when handing down any punishment.

As for the actual game, Preciado’s Independiente prevailed in the end, moving on to the U-20 Copa Libertadores final against Nacional with a 3-2 win.

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