ESPN’s ‘Fun Fact’ about Baylor Player Was Tasteless and Disrespectful (PIC)

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 9.23.53 AM

Sometimes, even when you’re covering college athletes, it’s difficult to find an interesting fact to share with the fans. ESPN proved this to be the case during a recent Baylor-West Virginia game, as the most “fun” fact the producers could come up with for Nuni Omot, a Baylor player, is that he hasn’t seen his dad in 22 years.


For those keeping score at home, Nuni Omot was born in 1994, so he hasn’t seen his dad since he was two or so. Is there any way we can do some sabermetric analysis on this type of thing?


Okay, then. In that case, ESPN should probably be a little more considerate when airing the personal details of players’ lives.

Here are some more hilarious gafs… enjoy.

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