The Simpsons Predicted The U.S. Winning Olympic Curling Gold 8 YEARS AGO (VIDEO)

Curling - Winter Olympics Day 15

Of course they did.

If something unexpected has happened over the past few years, you can bet your behind that The Simpsons predicted it years earlier. It’s comical at this point.

The world was absolutely shocked when the American men’s curling team came from behind and captured curling gold, defeating Sweden by a score of 10-7 in the final. It was an unprecedented moment, but it has actually been known for over 8 years, because the Simpsons told us so.

Via Uproxx:

The prescient curling prediction came from 2010 Simpsons episode “Boy Meets Curl,” which was based on Homer and Marge forming a mixed curling team with Agnes and Seymour Skinner. They’re chosen to represent the U.S., then head off to Vancouver where they eventually defeat Sweden and everyone celebrates with a big “woohoo!”

Here’s that episode:

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