Canadian Snowboarder Says There Wasn’t Much Banging In Olympic Village Because There Was No Booze! (Video)

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Olympic Village has always been hookup central. How could it not be? By the end of the Olympics, the Olympic Village is overflowing with thousands of incredibly fit, good-looking people who just realized their lifelong dreams and are now ready to unwind and party. And since the advent of social meetup apps like Tinder and Bumble the lust has apparently been off the charts, prompting the International Olympic Committee to provide obscene amounts of condoms to make sure everybody stays safe.

Unfortunately, according to Canadian snowboarder Mark McMorris, this year the Olympic Village simply did not live up to its reputation as the drunken orgy capital of the world.

TMZ caught up with McMorris, who took bronze in slopestyle in Pyeongchang, while he was waiting for a cab at the airport over the weekend. Naturally, they asked if everyone was hooking up as much as people say, and McMorris was happy to answer.

“They definitely have so many condoms there, it’s f—-n insane!” McMorris said. “But everybody, nah, it’s so serious. Everybody’s just like, trying to stay on their games and do as good as they can.”

The lack of sex wasn’t just because everybody was so serious, though. McMorris says the fact that no booze was sold in the Village also played a significant factor.

“I stayed until the end,” McMorris said, hinting that he was maybe hoping to take part in some post-competition stress relief. “It’s a ‘dry village,’ if you will—no alcohol sales. Thus rendering us ‘dry’ all around.”

Take a look:

Something tells me lack of booze was not an issue in Russia back in 2014.

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