Fed Up NHL Ref Throws Glove at Player (Video)

NHL referee throws glove at Lightning center Cedric Paquette

Tampa Bay Lightning center Cedric Paquette had a little tantrum during Monday night’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, throwing his glove at the feet of referee Gord Dwyer. However, in an utterly bizarre and unexpected twist, Dwyer followed that up with a little tantrum of his own, throwing the glove back at Paquette after he had taken a seat on the Lightning bench.

The surreal sequence of events transpired about midway through the third period. Paquette thought he was the victim of the slash during a scrum for the puck deep in the Leafs’ zone. However, none of the officials saw it. So as he skated off toward the bench, Paquette threw his glove at Gord Dwyer’s feet.

Now, normally referees are the ones who keep their cool in these situations. However, in this case, it seems Dwyer was not in the mood for Paquette’s sh*t. So when he skated by the Lightning bench and saw Paquette was still yelling at him, Dwyer threw the glove right back at him.

At that point Paquette and Lightning teammate Ryan Callahan came completely unglued, as though Paquette had done absolutely nothing to deserve such abuse from the official.

Take a look:

Obviousy, the NHL does not want to see referees losing their tempers and throwing equipment at players. But hopefully they’ll let Gord Dwyer off with a warning in this case. Cedric Paquette was the instigator here. He’s the one who should be fined for intimidation of an official.

Hat Tip – [Hockeyfeed]

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