Auburn Self-Reported Hoops Players Who Kept Money Thrown at Them by Florida Fans

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Following their 72-66 win over Auburn on Saturday night, a couple of rowdy Florida Gators fans taunted Tigers players by throwing money at them and chanting “FBI! FBI!” as they walked off the court.

The money and chants were references to Auburn’s involvement in the massive FBI investigation into the criminal influence of money in college basketball. Back in September, then-associate head coach Chuck Person was one of the 10 people arrested as part of the FBI’s investigation into the criminal influence of money in college basketball. Person is accused of accepting $91,500 in bribes in exchange for funnelling Auburn players toward a crooked financial adviser. After his arrest he was hit with felony charges of bribery and conspiracy and, obviously, fired from his position at Auburn.

When video of Saturday’s money-throwing incident went viral, it was unclear if the money was real. But it looked like several Auburn players picked it up and kept it.

On Monday, Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl removed all doubt.

“It was real money, and I think there’s $5 or $6 that are out there, and because you guys know we’re compliant, we’ve actually turned that money over to compliance,” Pearl told “Really. I don’t know, it was five or six bucks, but our people have the money. I don’t know what they’re going to do with it, probably give it to charity, but we’ve already self-reported.”

Though it may seem silly to report players picking up five of six bucks thrown at them by fans, Auburn really cannot be too careful. Two of their best players, Austin Wiley and Danjel Purifoy, have already been ruled ineligible this season thanks to the dealings of Chuck Person. The last thing they need is to bring any more scrutiny to their program.

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