Cryptic Gronk Tweet Casts Doubt on Report That He Will Return for 2018 Season (TWEETS)

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Image via Getty

New England Patriots fans let go a collective sigh of relief on Wednesday when the NFL Network reported that superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski is “expected to return to football” for the 2018 season rather than retire and pull a Ronda Rousey. However, the sense of relief was short-lived.

Just a few hours after the NFL Network report that Gronk probably won’t be retiring, the man himself tweeted this:

If that is a response to the NFL Network report, as many people assume, it sure seems like bad news for Patriots fans. As you may recall, Gronk hinted that he was considering early retirement after losing to the Eagles in Super Bowl 52. Then he got Patriots fans hyperventilating last weekend when he tweeted some abstruse message about “foreseeing his future” and “starting his destiny.”

Wednesday’s tweet had a very similar effect. Patriots fans freaked the f— out:

Of course, it’s totally possible that the #clueless tweet had nothing to do with the NFL Network report. Maybe he’s just a huge Alicia Silverstone fan. Whatever the case, somebody in Gronk’s camp needs to have a talk with him and explain that he’s going to give somebody a heart attack if he keeps this up.

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