This NFL Coach May Have Just Ended Baker Mayfield’s Career

NFL Combine - Day 3

Not everybody is a fan of Baker Mayfield on how he handles himself on the field.

The Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback was known for how cocky he could be towards his opponents and it not only got on the nerves of his competitors, but also NFL coaches.

The former Sooners QB has had numerous interviews during the NFL combine as he is likely to be a 1st-round QB and at least one coach didn’t like how he conducted himself.

“Cocky. Over-the-top cocky,” one head coach said, with an eye roll, to NFL Media’s Kimberly Jones of his impression of Mayfield.

Another head coach relayed to Jones that he liked Mayfield the most of all the QB prospects on the field, but he didn’t like him that much off the field.

Mayfield knows the chatter surrounding him having been compared to Johnny Manziel numerous times during the combine.

“I don’t think I’m cocky,” he said during his combine media scrum, according to Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “It’s not cocky. It’s just confident.”

A few teams agreed that Mayfield is indeed too cocky, while coaches told Jones they loved his fire and emotion.

During his last year at Oklahoma, he had a number of incidents that he had to apologize for, including running from the police and grabbing his crotch in the direction of an opposing bench. His career ended with a Rose Bowl loss and Georgia LB Davin Bellamy yelling at him to “Humble Yourself.”

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