NCAA Ruins ‘March Madness Selection Show’ With Terrible New Format (TWEETS)

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Think the NCAA’s ‘March Madness Selection Show’ sucked before?  Prepare for it to get even worse in 2018 after Turner and CBS announced some questionable changes to the way they’ll announce the teams who made the tournament.

On Tuesday, the networks stated that they will now be announcing the teams that qualified for the tournament in alphabetical order at the beginning of the show, beginning with the automatic bids first, before moving on to the at-large bids. After the 68 teams are announced, the crew will spend the next two hours revealing the bracket and analyzing different match-ups.

Of course, this new format was met with plenty of scrutiny, as it seemingly takes all of the fun out of what was already a pretty boring show. Previously, the March Madness Selection Show would announce the teams by revealing each section of the bracket one at a time, thus maintaining the suspense for at-large bids until the very end.

While Twitter seemed to be in an uproar over the changes, CBS executive producer Harold Bryant couldn’t seem to understand why. He told USA Today, “I don’t know why there’d be an uproar. Everyone will know early in the broadcast who’s in, and then they’ll find out who they’re going to play.”

Despite what Harold may think, there was certainly an uproar on social media. Here are just a few of the tweets:


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