Sideline Reporter Was Not Happy About Western Kentucky Coach Referring To Her As ‘Honey’ (VIDEO)


A year ago, this may have been a non-issue in the sports world, but we’re smack dab in the middle of the #metoo movement and everything is being looked at under a microscope.

In the moments following Western Kentucky’s 98-70 victory over UAB on Thursday, Rick Stansbury was in the process of being interviewed by a female sideline reporter when his poor choice of words got him into a bit of hot water.

After being asked a question about their upcoming match-up against Old Dominion, the WKU head coach referred to sideline reporter Laura Britt as “honey.” 

Laura Britt later took to social media and voiced her displeasure with Stansbury’s choice of words — and the fact that he did it on ‘International Women’s day.’

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