Golf Fans Were REALLY Upset that Patrick Reed Dressed Like Tiger Woods on Sunday (TWEETS)

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Images via Getty

Tiger Woods always wears a red shirt and black hat for the final rounds of tournaments. It’s a tradition he attributes to his mother, who once told him that red is his “power color.” And seeing as how Tiger has won 14 majors, red and black is pretty much his signature look.

Of course, Tiger Woods hasn’t played many final rounds in recent years. He either hasn’t been playing at all as the result of his various injuries, or he’s missed the cuts. And when he has played on the last day, he hasn’t been in contention.

That all changed this past weekend. After a solid performance at the Honda Classic a few weeks ago got everybody wondering if Tiger was finally back, the golf legend removed all doubt at the Valspar Open, where he finished second, just one stroke behind Paul Casey.

Golf fans were understandably PUMPED to see Tiger in the hunt on a Sunday for the first time in ages, wearing his trademark red and black. However, they were NOT pumped to see Patrick Reed was also wearing red and black. In fact, they were downright pissed.

In recent years Reed has also taken up the tradition of wearing red and black on Sunday. It’s almost certainly intended to be a tribute to Tiger, and nobody seemed to mind while Tiger Woods was convalescing and/or playing like garbage. But now that the old Tiger Woods is back, apparently only he is allowed to wear red and black on Sunday.

Check out the tweets:







And I thought baseball fans were sticklers for unwritten rules.

Then again, these are the same fans who keep calling in to report rules violations. Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised they’d be upset about a shirt.

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