Larry Nance Jr. Straight Up Rejected A Young Kid’s Request For An Autograph (VIDEO)

Larry Nance Jr.

As an athlete, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without people running up to you and asking for an autograph. It’s comes with the job.

Playing for the Lakers and then alongside LeBron James in Cleveland has made Larry Nance Jr. a hot commodity when it comes to autograph requests, but for one kid, it didn’t happen the way he thought it would.

Fairly recently, a young kid spotted the Cavaliers forward and ran up to him in an attempt to get a autograph. Sadly, the child was turned down and ignored by Nance, who continued on his path. The kid was clearly heartbroken.

Now, let’s be clear about something. Nance is in no way obligated to sign anything for anybody, but turning down a kid is still a bad look.

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