LeBron James Performs His Best In Front Of These Celebrities (TWEET)

LeBron James Drake

It’s no secret that athletes perform better under certain circumstances. Some play their best in certain cities or arenas, or against certain teams, while others may do the most damage when specific people are in attendance to watch them, like their parents or friends.

As for LeBron James, apparently he’s at his best when certain celebrities are in attendance to watch him play.

Which celebs does LeBron tend to show out for most?  Sportscenter compiled a list of the eight famous individuals that James has averaged the most points in front of. Check it out:

Diddy comes in at number one, but it’s Drake at number six that interests me the most, with LeBron averaging 30.4 points in 18 games played in front of the Toronto-born rapper.

Based on that number, Drake may want to stay away if his Raptors meet up with LeBron’s Cavs in this year’s playoffs.

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