Soccer League Suspended After Team Owner Confronted Ref With A Gun

Ivan Savvidis

Every sport might be different, but what remains the same among them all is the equal dislike everyone has for officials calling the game. Some get it worse than others, but no sport comes remotely close to how bad soccer refs are treated. Hell, some have even lost their life because of a bad call.

In soccer, usually it’s the fans behaving terribly towards the ref, but during a game between PAOK Salonika and AEK Athens, it was the team owner losing his mind.

Ivan Savvidis owns PAOK Salonika and he did not appreciate his team’s goal being waved off in the 89th minute of their contest on Sunday. So he invaded the pitch with a gun on his waist.


The entire league was suspended indefinitely following the incident. Here are the details that led up to the scary moment:

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