2018 All Hockey Hair Team: Minnesota High School Hockey Players Still Got It (VIDEO)

2018 All Hockey Hair Team 2

Good news, hockey hair enthusiasts. The 2018 All Hockey Hair Team is finally here.

Published every March, the All Hockey Hair Team is an intentionally amateurish mixtape of the best hairdos at the Minnesota high school hockey tournament. Making the team is a huge honor in Minnesota and the world of hockey, where 70s porno hair is still very much in vogue. The All Hockey Hair Team started out as one guy’s hobby, and now the videos have sponsors and charities and cameos from real NHL players.

The 2018 All Hockey Hair Team is not quite as strong as previous years, in my opinion. But that’s kind of like saying The Godfather Part II isn’t quite as strong as The Godfather. Which is to say, it’s still pretty freakin great.

There’s this dude, who looks like Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween:

2018 All Hockey Hair Team Jamie Lee Curtis

There’s this dude, who’s rocking a classic business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back mullet and a trash stash:

2018 All Hockey Hair Team

And then there’s this dude, who doesn’t appear to be playing in the actual tournament, but is still ridiculously awesome:

2018 All Hockey hair Team 3

This year’s video also features a pretty sweet “Where are they now?” segment, plus a pretty big surprise in the #1 spot.

Take a look:

Man that’s good hair.

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