Latest LeBron Jr. Mixtape Shows Off His INSANE Range, and LeBron Sr. Is Impressed (VIDEO + TWEET)

LeBron Jr Shows of Steph Curry Shooting Range

Last week we saw 13-year-old LeBron James Jr. tearing it up at an AAU tournament in Houston, leaving his godfather Chris Paul in awe. There was a lot to love in that mixtape, from Little LeBron’s slick ball handling, to his insane passing, to his stifling defense. Pretty much the only thing we didn’t really get was a sense of the kid’s shooting range.

Luckily, there is a new LeBron Jr. mixtape that remedies that.

This weekend Junior’s AAU team was playing in an AAU tournament in Alabama, and the kid was like a young Steph Curry, draining three after three from NBA range. In fact, he made it look so easy, you actually forget while you’re watching that HE’S A 13-YEAR-OLD IN THE SEVENTH GRADE.

Take a look:

LeBron Sr. has gone on record in the past saying he thinks his son is a better shooter than he was at his age. Needless to say, he was pretty impressed with this performance:

LeBron Jr. could probably come off the bench for half the teams in the NCAA Tournament right now. I have a feeling NBA teams are probably already planning how they’re going to tank in six years so they get this kid in the draft.

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