WTF Is Going On In This HS Basketball Newspaper Photo??? (PIC)

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Most high school basketball players are tall. Very few are 6’5″ 250-pound Goliaths who can pick up opponents like rag dolls.

Meet Shaun Morris. He’s a senior at Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh, and he became a Twitter sensation over the weekend after somebody shared a photo of him that appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Take a look:


From now on, whenever I hear the expression “man among boys,” this is the image that will pop into my head.

The photo comes from a Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association “boys” basketball playoff game between Allderdice and Mount Lebanon. The kid being manhandled by Morris is Blaine Gartley. He’d been knocked over, and apparently Morris was helping him up. However, if you told me Morris had killed Gartley with his bare hands and turned him into a puppet, or that he proceeded to devour Gartley whole, I probably would have believed you.


No word yet on where Morris is going to college, but MaxPreps has him as the 189th best high school player in the country and 5th in Pennsylvania.

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