Check Out This VICIOUS Fan Brawl at Amateur Hockey Game in Rural Saskatchewan (VIDEO)

fans brawl at saskatchewan amateur hockey game

Amateur hockey in small town Canada is like high school football in small town Texas. These people do not mess around.

Just take a look at the scene that unfolded on Saturday night in Turtleford, Saskatchewan, a town of just 525 people. After an amateur men’s playoff game between the Edam Three Stars and Debden Jets, fans from both teams started talking trash. One thing led to another, and pretty soon everybody was throwing haymakers. One guy was even thrown from the top row of seats to the bottom row.

According to Edam forward Damon Schaefer, things got so out of hand that fans of the same team were fighting each other.

“Some of the Debden fans were getting into it with our fans, and then they got into it with each other,” Schaefer told CKOM. “They didn’t know who was cheering for what team.”

Check it out:

Again, this was an amateur men’s hockey game. There was literally nothing but pride at stake.

Turtleford Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Juan Severo told CMOK that officers arrived at the arena 20 minutes after the brawl erupted, but most people had already gone home. The people who were still there wouldn’t tell police what happened, so nobody was arrested and no charges were filed.

“It appears it was alcohol-fueled, passion for the game, and things got a little out of control,” Severo said. “They probably shouldn’t have had so much to drink.”

Sounds like they know how to party in rural Saskatchewan, eh?

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