Here Is Barack Obama’s March Madness Bracket (TWEET)

president barack obama fills out march madness bracket

If those of you filling out your NCAA Tournament brackets at the last minute need some advice, Barack Obama has got you covered.

While he was President—either the greatest or the worst President of all time, depending on your points of view—Obama made it a tradition to fill out a Presidential Bracket. ESPN would televise it. People like me wrote blog posts about it. The Presidential Bracket became a whole thing.

Unfortunately, President Donald Trump has chosen not to carry on the tradition of the Presidential Bracket, probably just because Obama is the one who started it. However, Obama hasn’t stopped making brackets. He filled one out last March, and he filled one out again this year.

In fact, this year Obama filled out two brackets: one for the men, and another for the women. Take a look:

I’m going to go ahead and assume you can’t actually read those, so lets break it down a bit.

Obama has Virginia, North Carolina, Villanova, and Michigan State in the Final Four, with Michigan State prevailing over Villanova in the final.

As for upsets, in the first round he’s got #11 Loyola Chicago beating #6 Miami, #11 Syracuse beating #6 TCU, and #12 New Mexico State beating #5 Clemson. After that he sees things going pretty much according to seed, with the exception of Michigan State upending Kansas in the Elite Eight.

Here’s a look at his complete bracket, region by region:

Obama Bracket March Madness copy 3

Obama Bracket March Madness copy 2

Obama Bracket March Madness copy

Obama Bracket March Madness

Good luck making your picks!

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