Guy Who Shot & Killed Former USC Star, NFL RB Joe McKnight Sentenced To 30 Years


The man who gunned down and killed former NFL running back Joe McKnight in cold blood was convicted of his murder back in January and he just recently found out his fate.

He’ll be behind bars likely until the day he dies, as he was sentenced to 30 years in prison after a jury of eight women and four men found Gasser guilty of manslaughter.

Jefferson Parish Judge Ellen Kovach had this to say after handing down the sentence:

“Let this be a cautionary tale to all driver who rage behind the wheel of their car at other drivers,” Kovach said. The tragedy could have been avoided if either man “had the good sense, the courage and the wisdom to simply disengage.”

McKnight’s mother spoke, while the mother of McKnight’s child wrote Gasser a letter:

“You took my child from me. My child,” McKnight’s mother, Jennifer McKnight, sobbed as she stood facing Gasser in the courtroom during victim impact statements Thursday morning. “Everybody says Joe McKnight, the football player. But he’s Joe McKnight, my son.”

“It’s going to be my life’s mission to make sure that Jaden does not grow up with hate in his heart for you,” Quick told Gasser. “Fostering hate towards you is not going to bring healing to his heart.”

The confrontation between McKnight and Gasser lasted 5 miles as neither of the two wanted to let up. Eventually it turned deadly and ended up with Gasser pulling out his weapon.


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