Dana White Now a Playable Fighter in EA Sports’ UFC 3 (VIDEO)

EA Sports Dana White UFC 3

If you’ve always harbrored secret fantasies of seeing a UFC fighter suddenly turn on Dana White at one of those ridiculously antagonistic press conferences and just pound the guy’s face in, I’ve got some great news for you.

No, that hasn’t actually happened. But the UFC president will be a playable fighter in EA Sports’ UFC 3. And that means you can at least see virtual Dana White get pummelled by flying elbows and spinning heel kicks over and over again until your heart’s content.

Of course, as you may have guessed from the above rendering—which shows Dana White sporting some serious muscular definition he certainly does not have in real life—his abilities in UFC 3 will be ridiculously inflated.

According to the folks at Kotaku, Dana White will be a light-heavyweight with a 91 in striking, 86 in grappling, 86 in stamina, and 90 in health. Those are not all-time champion ratings. But they’re very good. As the MMAJunkie’s Mike Bohn points out, “his striking is equivalent to Gokhan Saki, his health equal to Alexander Gustafsson, his stamina better than Lyoto Machida, and his grappling better than Anderson Silva.”

White’s character is free to download and playable in all game modes, including UFC Ultimate Team. Go beat him up today.

Hat Tip – [Kotaku]

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