College Football Player Finds Out About Cheating Girlfriend at Spring Break Via Twitter Video (TWEETS)

Shaw Football Player Cheating GF

Finding out that your girlfriend is cheating on you during her spring break vacation sucks. Finding out that she’s cheating on you at spring break by way of a now-viral video on Twitter is soooooo much worse.

That’s exactly what happened to Shaw University football player Christian Folston, whose girlfriend was busy shaking her booty while some dude who goes by the name “Casanova” on Twitter recorded himself licking and smacking her butt.

Here’s the video in question (which doesn’t contain nudity but may be deemed NSFW in certain work environments):

At time of writing, the post had 22,000 likes, 11,000 retweets, and 597 comments. That was apparently a little too much publicity for the lady, who requested the video be taken down: 

She even told Mr. Casanova that she didn’t have a boyfriend during her plea…

Turns out that was a lie. 

Heck, her man even appears to have helped her fund her spring break vacation:

Looks like Christian’s girl has got some explaining to do when she gets home from Miami.

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