LaVar Ball Had A Meltdown When He Found Out LiAngelo Had Tattoos: ‘You Don’t Give A F*ck About The Family’ (VIDEO)


If you didn’t know, LaVar Ball does not like tattoos whatsoever, especially when they’re on his sons.

Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball has some visible tattoos. They are really small and on his wrists, but he likely caught a lot of flack for it anyway.

Just like his brother Lonzo, LiAngelo Ball decided to get him some tats. And he did so without telling LaVar about it.

In the most recent episode of ‘Ball in The Family,’ the Ball family was at their spa in Lithuania when LiAngelo had to remove his shirt for the treatment. LaVar’s mood immediately changed upon seeing LiAngelo’s tats.

During practice with his Lithuania team, LaVar eventually came around when he asked what each tattoo meant to LiAngelo.

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