Eagles DE Michael Bennett To NFC East QB’s: “I’m Coming” (VIDEO)


During his introductory press conference on Monday, Michael Bennett wasted no time introducing himself to the quarterbacks of the NFC East. And from the sound of it, he plans on getting real acquainted with them when they play.

The newest Philadelphia Eagles DE acknowledged the fierce rivalries in the NFC East. He even called out each and every starting QB in the division and delivered a message to them.

‘I’m coming!”

“I know Eli Manning is probably watching this — yes, I am coming. I know Dak is watching this like, ‘Yeah, he’s coming,’ Yeah, I am. And Alex Smith knows he can’t run from me. I told him that at the Pro Bowl,” Bennett said.

Also during that conference, Bennett boldly stated that the Eagles’ defensive line could be one of the greatest, going so far as to compare them to the Golden State Warriors.

Bennett states “I think we could have one of the greatest defensive lines to ever play the game.” The three time Pro Bowler continued his statement by saying ” Great defensive lines is about the rotation, kinda like Golden State, you want to be able to have those guys to come in and shoot and shoot and shoot and score every time.” 

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