Joe Thomas Retirement Press Conference Was Basically a Roast of the Cleveland Browns (VIDEO)

Joe Thomas Retirement Press Conference

Joe Thomas has been the only good thing about Cleveland Browns football for a long, long time. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

Last week it was reported that Thomas had decided to call it a career. On Monday the seven-time All-Pro offensive tackle held his official retirement press conference.

Not surprisingly, the presser was pretty hilarious, packed with some jokes only Joe Thomas could get away with.

In fact, at times it felt like a roast of the Cleveland Browns. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • On former Browns GM Ray Farmer, who was suspended four games in 2015 for texting play-calls to the coaching staff during games: “Ray Farmer tried to text me, but unfortunately it was during a game and he was suspended.”
  • On Brandon Weeden, who got trapped under a giant American flag before his first game in 2012: “Brandon Weeden still has my phone number, somehow after all these years. He tried to call me but he ended up still being stuck under that giant American flag, so he didn’t get any reception.”
  • On the Browns’ infamous failure to call in that A.J. McCarron trade last October: “[GM] Sashi [Brown] tried to trade some information with me about my retirement, but unfortunately it didn’t get in in time.”
  • On Hue Jackson‘s ill-advised promise, after going 1-15 in 2016, to jump in a lake if the Browns went 1-15 in 2017: “The main reason I retired was I knew that Hue was going to make the rest of the team jump in the lake with him this year, and I didn’t want to do that.”
  • On everybody always blaming Robert Griffin III for everything: “In the end, we all know that the reason I retired was because of Robert Griffin III. It was definitely his fault.”
  • On what he wants to do now that he’s retired from football: “Do they have any jobs where you don’t show up and get paid a lot of money? I want that one.”

Of course, after all the jokes, things got emotional.

“It is with all of this that I must say goodbye,” Thomas concluded, tears welling in his eyes. “Goodbye, not because I’m saying goodbye, but I’m just changing jobs from being your left tackle to being the number one fan of the Cleveland Browns. Playing in front of the greatest fans in the NFL was easily the greatest honour of my 11-year career.”

Joe Thomas is a legend. You can watch his press conference in its entirety below.


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