Miesha Tate Shares Terrifying Story About Saving Her Little Dog From Getting Mauled to Death (PICS)

Miesha Tate Saves Dog from Getting Mauled to Death

Former UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate officially retired from MMA in 2016 after losing to Raquel Pennington at UFC 205. Since then she’s shacked up with former MMA fighter Johnny Nunez, and the two announced they are expecting their first child this past January. However, Tate definitely has not lost her fighting spirit.

In a Facebook post published on Monday, Tate shared a story of how her little dog was recently attacked by a 100-pound dog while out for a walk, and how it probably would have been mauled to death had Tate not—are you ready for this?—tackled the other dog and scared the thing away.

Here’s what Tate wrote:

“So this happened a few days ago, my dog Skooter and I were out for a walk around the neighborhood when a Cane Corso escaped from its back yard and proceeded to sprint after my dog. I could tell by the body language and hair raised this was no friendly approach. Before I knew it the dog was over the top of Skooter and just as it went to bite I tackled the dog. I pushed her off of my dog and quickly scooped up my pup as she ran off. I couldn’t believe what happened it was all so fast. I stood there for a second in disbelief and shock, I could have lost my best friend that day…..Luckily Skooter hade a mind scrape on top of his head and a wet ear and scuffed up paws but otherwise he’s ok….I’m so glad it wasn’t worse, I’m glad I could get to them before she latched on to Skooter and thankfully she was not aggressive towards people. Later part of me felt guilt for potentially putting my baby in danger at 7 1/2 months pregnant but it was instinct I had no time to think and I am sure I would react the same way every time. There is no way I could have watched my dog get shredded to pieces. 2 things surprised me though, 1 I can still move pretty quick for a prego and 2 I still got some fighting spirit in me . Don’t push mama bear lol !!”

And here are the photos of the aftermath:

In the end it looks and sounds like Tate suffered more damage than her little pooch. Luckily, though, everybody is safe and healthy.

On a related note, God help the child who picks on Tate’s actual human kid at school.

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