Aldon Smith Sued By American Express For A Massive 6-Figure Amount

It was pretty much detailed last month that Aldon Smith was having money troubles as he continued to fight to get reinstated into the league. He was forced to go to the courts and ask a judge to reduce his child support to $9K/month after he fell $79K back in child support.

Shortly after asking his girlfriend to marry him, he allegedly bit her and jumped out of a window during a domestic violence incident. The Oakland Raiders had seen enough and released him shortly after.

His money troubles have only gotten worse after the Jasmine Brand reported  American Express is accusing Aldon Smith of not paying an outstanding credit bill. That massive bill comes out to a whopping $118,508.71.

Amex says he’s been a customer since 2008 and never had a problem until July 2017 when he suddenly stopped paying his bill. So now they’re taking him to court for both the unpaid balance and other legal costs.

Smith is in the midst of a string of incidents that have led to him being unemployed and possibly out of the NFL forever.

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